5/20 does not represent May 20th or 25% but is actually the cipher for the the 5th and 20th letter in the alphabet; E and T. E.T. are extraterrestrials, any sort of life that is either from Earth but has evolved to live outside of the Terran atmosphere or life from outside of our planet's atmosphere will be classified as 5/20, E.T. Neocities.

First off, let start off with the simplest form of life: Archaea. Archaea are prokaryotes (lacking a cellular nucleus) but shouldn't be confused with anucleated cells, cells which are unable to divide themselves and therefore do not constitute life but rather another form of organic residue caused by life. Archaea live in extremely harsh environments where they are safe from other organisms. All life has only singular ability which is the ability to take molecules and atoms and to transform them into other forms of life. In other words, life is a vehicle for chemical reactions to occur autonomously or voluntarily rather than spontaneously by random chance and chaos.

All life has evolved themselves to do this efficiently in their own native environment, yet why hasn't life been able to do this in space? Life cannot exist where there's nothing for life to transform. There are many objects in space such as planets, asteroids, comets, space debris, stars, etc. have enough mass of chemicals and atoms that are prime for chemical transformation but it's difficult to determine whether or not life can exist on these astronomical objects without a reference of life that isn't familiar with the temperate terrestrial way of life that we can observe on Earth. Take a look at the list below (valid Feb 2nd, 2019) to see the range of Terran lifeforms.

The limits of known life on Earth.[10]
Factor Environment / source Limits Examples
High temperature Submarine hydrothermal vents 110 °C to 121 °C Pyrolobus fumarii, Pyrococcus furiosus
Low temperature Ice -17 °C to -20 °C Synechococcus lividus
Alkaline systems Soda lakes pH > 11 Psychrobacter, Vibrio, Arthrobacter, Natronobacterium
Acidic systems Volcanic springs, acid mine drainage pH -0.06 to 1.0 Bacillus, Clostridium paradoxum
Ionizing radiation Cosmic rays, X-rays, radioactive decay 1,500 to 6,000 Gy Deinococcus radiodurans, Rubrobacter, Thermococcus gammatolerans
UV radiation Sunlight 5,000 J/m2 Deinococcus radiodurans, Rubrobacter, Thermococcus gammatolerans
High pressure Mariana Trench 1,100 bar Pyrococcus sp.
Salinity High salt concentration aw ~ 0.6 Halobacteriaceae, Dunaliella salina
Desiccation Atacama Desert (Chile), McMurdo Dry Valleys (Antarctica) ~60% relative humidity Chroococcidiopsis
Deep crust accessed at some gold mines Halicephalobus mephisto, Mylonchulus brachyurus, unidentified arthropods

Now the average temperature of Venus is 462 C, far above any temperature Terran life can sustain (which to any venusophiles might know is the reason why any form of Venusian colonization must be done high above the Venusian surface in hypothetical "hot air balloons".) We're not looking for Venusian life though, but rather visibly intelligent 5/20 lifeforms.

Let's imagine a situation where 1,000,000 people have been blindfolded and spread out sporadically in an area. They are all holding baseballs and catcher mitts. The goal for any intelligent form of life is to contact another intelligent form of life so the goal is to be able to throw a baseball and have it caught, preferably also vice versa with the same person as well. Now, the likelihood of this occurring is very low but considering that the original simulation would have to be done in a very large area, imagine it occurring in the entire state of Texas. Space is full of obstacles that could hypothetically bar forms of alien contact. This is without even including the Z-axis in the simulation and also the time discrepanies between intelligent lifeforms attempting to contact organisms that are long extinct billions of light years away. Chances are slim in the case for contacting 5/20 life for many different reasons but even still, there is a possibility.

NASA is not to be trusted

... and not for the reasons you think. No, NASA isn't some big Illuminati scheme to enslave humanity to 5/20, but they peaked a very long time ago and it's unlikely they will return to their former glory. No, NASA is an organization that doesn't care for pushing the scientific boundaries anymore but rather to create the most sensational article about science that could appeal to a ten year old with their Buzz Lightyear figurines and dreams of hopping around in zero-G. This isn't to say that NASA is entirely inaccurate but modern-day NASA should be taken with a grain of salt. Their relevancy in their modern-day articles are more based on engineering marvels rather than biological ones and therefore anything related to 5/20 outside of engineering breakthroughs will often be nothing more than sensationalism parading itself as scientific.

Evidence of 5/20

Fast radio bursts (FRBs) were detected in 2007 from outside of the Milky Way. A pulsar is a highly magnetized rotating neurtron star that emits electromagnetic radiation that are only observable if their beam of emission is pointing directly at the observer. This is where the baseball allegory comes into play. Even if we were able to receive signals from 5/20 life, there isn't a very high chance that we'd be able to receive the signal of a 5/20 that is still alive. Their signals might have hit an earth that doesn't exist while currently existing intelligent 5/20 will hit an earth that has long since passed.

5/20 Flix

Stupid and Silly:

Independence Day

Killer Clowns from Outer Space

District 9

Starship Troopers

J. J. Abrams' Star Trek Trilogy

They Live



The Fifth Element

Men in Black

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Disaster Porn:

Cloverfield and 10 Cloverfield Ln

War of the Worlds

Tasty, Tasty Gore:

Cube^2, Cube, Cube^3 (to be watched in that order)

John Carpenter's The Thing

The Blob (both versions are great)


Thought Provoking Blechhhh:


Under the Skin


2001 A Space Odyssey and its sequel


Ender's Game

Pacific Rim

Films for Kids but Good Enough

Chicken Little

The Iron Giant


Monsters vs. Aliens

Treasure Planet

Space Jam


A Quite Place

Any Superman movie

Cowboys & Aliens

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (it's enjoyable, I'll give you that)

Green Lantern

Guardians of the Galaxy

Lilo & Stitch

The original Star Trek films

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